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wooden ladle and spatula on top of table
wooden ladle and spatula on top of table


Cooking Section

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January 2024

Chief Steward Rose Derrett - 0473 135 875

Steward Stacey Thomas

Entry Fee: $1:00

Prize Money

1st Prize - Trophy and cash, voucher or prize to the value of $20:00

2nd Prize - Cash, voucher or prize to the value of $10:00


1. Only one entry allowed for each exhibitor in any one class

2. Exhibits shall be the bona-fide work of the exhibitor

3. No ring tins and no rack marks on cakes

4. All exhibits to be delivered to the Pavilion between 8am and 12noon Thursday 25th January 2024

5. Entries only accepted with a completed entry form and on foil covered boards or hard cardboard.

Not to exceed 2cm around the outside of cake

6. Cakes to be collected on Sunday 28th January 2024, between 8am – 11am.

Tips for Fruit cakes

Fruit must be settled down into mixture and not protruding on top. Do not use nuts, dried peel (use

fresh grated peel), dried apricots - use fresh grated peel. To avoid fruit shrinking allow fruit in liquid

to cool, mix with other ingredients then place in fridge for a short period before cooking.


Trophy / Ribbon



C1. White Chocolate Mud Cake

• 80-gram white eating chocolate, chopped

• 350-gram unsalted butter, chopped

• 2 2/3 cup (590g) caster sugar

• 1 1/2 cup (375ml) milk

• 2 cup (300g) plain flour

• 2/3 cup (100g) self-rising flour

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 3 eggs

White Chocolate Ganache

• 3/4 cup (180ml) cream

• 540-gram white eating chocolate, chopped finely


Step 1: Preheat oven to 160°C (140°C fan-forced). Grease a deep 22cm-round cake pan,

line base and side with baking paper.

Step 2: Combine chocolate, butter, sugar and milk in a large saucepan; stir over low heat

until smooth. Pour mixture into a large bowl; cool for 15 minutes.

Step 3. Whisk in sifted flours, extract and eggs. Pour mixture into pan; bake for about 1

hour 45 minutes. Cool cake in pan.

Step 4. To make the white chocolate ganache, bring the cream to the boil in a medium

saucepan; remove from the heat. Add the chocolate and stir until smooth. Refrigerate,

stirring occasionally, for about 30 minutes or until thick and spreadable.

Step 5. Turn cake, top side up, onto cake stand. Spread white chocolate ganache over top

and side of cold cake. Decorate with an Australia Day theme.


C2. Rich Dark Fruit Cake un-iced – 250g mixture

C3. Fruit Cake un-iced - 375g mixed fruit

C4. Marble cake 20cm round – vanilla icing on top only

C5. Maderia Cake – 20cm round tin – no icing

C6. Citrus Butter Cake – any citrus - 20cm round tin – lemon icing on top only

C7. Any type of cake – 20cm round tin – decorated with meringue

C8. Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake – 20cm round tin – no icing

C9. Banana Cake – Loaf Tin – cream cheese icing

Decorated Cakes

C10. Party Cake – any variety – 20cm round tin – with an Australian theme

Designed Cakes – this will not be judged on taste, judged on design and decoration only.

C11. Formal Iced Cake – using fondant icing.

Sponge Cake (jam filled)

C12. Sponge Cake – Not corn flour – 20cm round tin – no icing – red jam filling

Mrs. Joyce Hollis Memorial Trophy – Donated by the Family of Mrs. Hollis

Scones – Bread - Pikelets

C13. Plain scones – 4 – 5cm round

C14. Flavoured scones – 4 – 5cm round

C15. Loaf of Bread – made in a bread tin – any type, white, whole meal, or multigrain.

C16. 4 Crepes – uniform in size

C17. 4 Plain Pikelets – uniform in size


C18. Chocolate Cake 20cm round tin – chocolate icing on top only

C19. Coffee Cake – 20cm round tin – no icing

C20. Specialty bread –any - Focaccia, Turkish, Sour Dough or Cob Loaf


Entry Fee FREE

Prize Money 1st $2.00 / 2nd $1.00

Pre-School Students (5 and below) - Adults to supervise.

C21. 4 decorated Arrowroot biscuits to represent an Australian Animal or Flower

C22. 4 chocolate crackles – no cooking required.

Primary School Children (Age 6-12)

8 years and under – Adults to supervise.

C23. 4 cupcakes decorated to celebrate Australia Day

C24. Chocolate Fudge – 6 pieces – not exceeding 4cm

C25. Rocky Road – 1 block 12cm x 8cm

C26. Plate suitable for afternoon tea – 4 different items

9 years and over – Adults to supervise.

C27. 4 Butterfly Patty Cakes with cream

C28. Chocolate Caramel Slice – 4 pieces 5cm square

C29. Raspberry Coconut Slice – 4 pieces 5 cm square

C30. 4 Muffins with any type of Berry


C31. Any variety of cake with Caramel as the feature ingredient – 20cm round tin

C32. 4 Melting Moments – 3cm in diameter

C33. 4 Chocolate and Raspberries Biscuits – 4cm in diameter

C34. 2 Banana and Cinnamon Muffins

C35. 4 pieces of Shortbread – 6cm x 3cm

C36. Plate suitable for afternoon tea – 4 different items

C37. Any variety of cake – 20cm round tin – decorated with strawberries and cream.

C38. 4 Herb and Cheese Scones – 5cm round

C39. Over 70's

4 x Anzac Biscuits +_4 x Jam drops + 4 x Chocolate Balls or Piklets - 1st Prize $25, 2nd Prize $20, 3rd Prize $15

Sponsored by 'Rhodes Family'

C40. Rich Fruit Cake as per Handbook from Agricultural Shows NSW - Prize Hamper and $50 WLT card.

Sponsored by 'Rhodes Family'


250g sultanas

250 g chopped raisins

250 g currants

125 g chopped mixed peel

90 g chopped red glace cherries

90 g hopped blanched almonds

1/3 cup sherry or brandy

250 g plain flour

60 g self-raising flour

1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

250g butter

250g soft brown sugar

½ teaspoon lemon essence OR finely grated lemon rind

½ teaspoon almond essence

½ teaspoon vanilla essence

4 large eggs.


Mix together all the fruits and nuts and sprinkle with the sherry or brandy. Cover and leave for at least 1 hour, but preferably overnight. Sift together the flours and spices

Cream together the butter and sugar with the essences. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after, each addition, then alternately add the fruit and flour mixtures.

Mix thoroughly. The mixture should be stiff enough to support a wooden spoon. Place the mixture into a prepared square 20cm x 20cm (8” x 8”) tin and bake in a slow oven for approximately 3 ½ - 4 hours. Allow the cake to cool in the tin.

Note: To ensure uniformity and depending upon the size it is suggested the raisins be snipped into 2 or 3 pieces, cherries into 4-6 pieces and almonds crosswise into 3-4 pieces.

Judge Note: The height of the cake should not exceed 5.7cm (57mm)

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