Industrial Arts

Section 7

brown wooden rolling pin on black surface
brown wooden rolling pin on black surface

Section 7

Industrial Arts


Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January 2024

Chief Steward Jessica Kennedy

Phone: 0411 042 270


Prize Money 1st $10.00/ 2nd $5.00 (Unless otherwise stated)

OPEN CHAMPION 1st $100/ 2nd $50 + ribbon

JUNIOR CHAMPION 1st $30/ 2nd $10 + ribbon


Entries accepted between 7.30am and 12 noon on Thursday, 25th January and collected between 8.30am and 10am on Sunday, 28th January. Artworks sent from a distance should be properly packed with full arrangements made for return of works. All reasonable care will be taken. The Show Society accepts no responsibility. A steward will be in attendance at the show. Exhibits must be OWN work and have not been entered in the Tenterfield Show previously.

Wood Craft


W1 Wooden bowl (any size)

W2 Any other turning

W3 Intarsia/Marquetry

W4 Hand carving

W5 Restored or recycled

W6 Furniture or major constructed work

W7 Any other woodcraft

JUNIOR (Aged up to 18 years)

W8 Pyrography

W9 Turned item

W10 Wooden toy

W11 Any other woodcraft

W12 Restored or recycled

W13 Pyrography

W14 Chopping boards

Metal Work


MW1 Major work

MW2 Furniture item

MW3 Recycled metals

MW4 Any other item

JUNIOR (Aged up to 18 years)

MW5 Major work

MW6 Furniture item

MW7 Recycled metals

MW8 Any other item

Leather Work


L1 Useful item

L2 Decorative item

L3 Major metals

L4 Any other item

JUNIOR (Aged up to 18 years)

L5 Useful item

L6 Decorative item

L7 Major metals

L8 Any other item

Precious Metals & Gem Work


MG1 Single item

MG2 Set of item

MG3 Decorative item

MG4 Useful item

MG5 Any other item

JUNIOR (Aged up to 18 years)

MG6 Single item

MG7 Set of item

MG8 Decorative item

MG9 Useful item

MG10 Any other item

Proudly sponsored by Tenterfield Show Society


Regional Australia Bank