Post Ripping and Chainsaw Events

Chief Stewards Jason and Katrina Chisholm


Saturday 27th January 2024 9am SHARP NSW Time Start

Please arrive by 8AM to commence marking billets

Nominations Close Friday 30th December 2023 all nominations to be directed to

Jason Chisholm 0427 363 531 or

NOMINATION FEE events 2 - 4 $10.00ea, 1,6, 7 $40.00ea, 5 $40.00 per team



Chainsaw Racing Rules.

Updated September 2023

1. All rules set down by the organisers must be adhered to.

2. The decision of the Judge and the Chief Steward is final.

3. All competitors under the age of 16 years must be fairly assessed for all sections of Chainsaw Racing Competition competency at the discretion of the Judge, the Chief Steward and a third person decided by the organising committee.

4. All newcomers and competitors residing outside the competition region must be assessed by the organising committee for competency prior to commencement of competition.

5. ALL Competitors must always wear Australian Standard PPE Safety gear while competing. (including but not limited to, Helmet & muffs, eye protection, leg protection and steel cap boots.)

6. No loose-fitting clothing to be worn.

7. All hammers, axes and blockbusters to be pinned with 1/8 – ¼ inch pin, and handles are to be in good condition. Fiberglass handles are allowed without pinning. Wedges are to be in good condition.

8. Judges /Stewards have the authority to check equipment and saws at any time. This may include removal of the front muffler cover, pipe and top plastics. If saws are found to be out of specification for a class, disqualification from the event will occur.

9. Chain brake system must be operational if equipped.

10. There must be no loose handles or broken components on the chainsaw and saws must have complete sprocket covers.

11. Bar covers must be fitted when the saw is not in use.

12. Competitors must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

13. Any competitor who is running a fuel mix, which is outside standard pump fuel, must notify officials, officials, prior to racing and must be personally equipped with the necessary firefighting equipment to handle any flammable situation for the fuel type they are using.

14. prior to racing and must be personally equipped with the necessary firefighting equipment to handle any flammable situation for the fuel type they are using.

15. Officials and Competitors only in the cutting area while racing in heats and finals.

16. NO drop starts. This will result in instant disqualification. Chainsaw must be placed on the ground or between the knees for support when starting.

17. Operator needs to be in complete control of chainsaw. When the saw is fully operational, a hand on each handle is always required.

18. Left-handed operators are allowed to run their saw left side to allow safe and comfortable use of the saw.

19. Bad sportsmanship and/or bad language will not be tolerated. Judges have the discretion to instantly disqualify a competitor should they display bad conduct. Continuing bad sportsmanship could lead to a prolonged ban from the sport.

20. Following each heat/race, results will be announced so competitors have the opportunity to protest the result prior to the commencement of the next heat/race. All protests must be lodged by the competitor concerned accompanied by a protest fee of $50.

21. If a protest is successful the $50 will be returned to the competitor who protested, if its unsuccessful the $50 should be paid to the Show Society with an explanation why it failed. The Protest will be assessed and determined by the Judges on the day.

22. Judging decisions will be made off the official cameras on the day. No other footage, unless called upon by the judges, will be considered.

23. (Optional) Cutters will be required to nominate the saws they will be using in the Modified Production

24. and Unlimited Production Classes (including the post rip events). These saws will be tagged by officials. In the event of a mechanical failure of the nominated saw, the competitor is to see the officials to nominate another saw for them to use.

Speed Events

1. All cutters are responsible for ensuring they are happy with their block, and is mounted securely in the stand, that they have a complete line marked around their block and that the block is square.

2. Qualifying competitors must use the same saw (including bar & chain) in subsequent semis or finals that they originally qualified with. In case of saw breakdown or malfunction, a competitor should immediately notify the judges/stewards. In this instance a competitor will be given 3 minutes to repair the saw. If the saw is not repairable within the time frame, you will be disqualified. Following the three minutes, the starting procedure will re-commence.

3. There will be a 2-minute call up before each event. Once competitors are at their blocks the starter will announce each competitor in the race. Competitors will then be given up to 1 minutes to warm their saws and stand to their blocks so the race can be commenced. Competitors will know the race is about to commence as the starter will walk down the line of competitors and commence marking them off.

4. The distance of 4 inches will be marked with a pen or chalk on the end of each block. Three (3) full disks must be cut from the end of the block. After the 3 full discs have been cut, the line must still be visible on the block all the way around the block and unbroken. Splinters and/or feathers of timber will not be folded back to determine if a line is complete. The line must be clearly visible without having to do this.

5. The first cut of the saw must enter the timber via a pierce cut into the top half of the block, BUT NOT THROUGH the top of the block. The disc must hang when the first down cut is completed and the disc is cut off on the up cut, unless there is a fault in the wood or the disc breaks away. If the first disc breaks away, all timber must be cut in the up cut. The second cut is a down cut and the third and final cut is an up cut. If all timber isn’t cut, it will not be considered a full disc. If a disc is not completely cut off, the competitor must complete that cut from the direction that the cut is originally started from.

6. The specific Ladies speed races will not require a pierce cut. They will cut three (3) discs, with two down cuts and an up cut in this order.

7. Veteran events are for competitors over the age of 55 years. (must turn 55 during the year of competition).

8. All competitors must face the same designated direction.

9. The competitor’s top hand should have thumb wrapped firmly around the handlebar for the pierce cut. (Kickback control)

Fence Post Cutting

1. A Novice cutter is a cutter who has won less than 3 Novice Post rips. If the program has a specific Novice Post Rip event, that race will be a 100cc race.

2. If a Novice cutter chooses to compete in the Open Post Rip event on the day, they will not be eligible to compete in the Novice Race as well.

3. Novice competitors must be deemed competent and safe by the event organising committee before being allowed to start in the arena.

4. A spare saw can be warmed up but switched off prior to the start of the race. A second saw can be supplied to a competitor but once the race has commenced, it must not be started by anyone other than the competitor.

5. Competitors must wedge away from the crowd where possible. If in doubt, discuss with judges prior to racing.

6. The cutter must also draw a ring on the end of the billet at an allocated depth (as advised by the officials) for wedging. This wedge line must be drawn in lumber crayon, not chalk. Officials must check the crayon line is at the correct depth prior to the commencement of the race.

7. At the completion of the race, all posts must have crayon clearly visible on the end of each post at the wedged end. This line will have been checked prior to racing not after. Hence if you have a post that doesn’t have crayon on it, the post will not be measured to check for correct depth, it will be deemed illegal, and disqualification will occur.

8. If cutters have any queries regarding the depth of wedging, defects in the timber, flares etc, ensure you check with the officials before the commencement of the race.

9. Billet supports or chocks are allowed to stabilise the billet before and during the race.

10. Wedges must not enter the billet before the start of the event.

11. Once the billets have been allocated to the competitor, cutters may commence marking the billet. Chalk lines can be drawn along the billet to assist the cutter.

12. The event will be called by the announcer/starter. Cutters are to be at their blocks within the two (2) minute call up time and during this time can warm up their saws. Cutters will then be asked to turn off their saws so they can be individually announced. Cutters will then be asked to start their saws and they will be given no more than one (1) minute to be ready for the starters signal.

13. The post cutting events are hot starts, saws running and on the ground before the start with throttle lock off. Failure to do this will result in disqualification. At start, competitor is to have one knee on the ground, with one hand on the saw and one hand raised. The official will start by acknowledging each cutter is ready to commence and then the flag will be dropped.

14. The chain break is to be engaged at all times when the saw is not in the operators’ hands, if it isn’t turned off.

15. After sawing is complete, wedges are hit with the sledgehammer or other approved equipment to free the posts from the billet heart.

16. All posts must be wedged which means all wedges must be entered. If a post falls free from the billet above the wedge line, a wedge must still be entered into the heartwood below the line. If a post falls free below the line, a wedge must still be entered whether in the post or in the heartwood.

17. If a V post is cut above the chalk line on the wedged end, it will be deemed an illegal post and be disqualified. If the post is V’d below the chalk line, it will be a legal post, but the post must be wedged.

18. When there is no visible distinct heart, heartwood must be cleared one foot from the wedged end on One (1) post that has distinct heartwood attached. Posts must be free from each other and free from the heartwood with no connecting splinters. Disqualification will result if there is no visible heart and posts are still joined to heart or other posts.

19. Competitors signal they have finished racing by raising both hands above their shoulders.

20. Once a competitor has signalled that they have finished, they must stand back from their billet the cutter will be disqualified if they touch or move any part of their billet after they have thrown their hands and prior to judging by officials.

21. Posts are to be a minimum of 5 inches across the back. If a legally cut post runs out to a slab whilst wedging, the post is classed as legal.

22. 20. All posts must be wedged unless exempted by the officials i.e., in the case of an event which requires only rip and bust.

Team Post Rips & Jack & Jill Events

Rules as set out for Fence Post Cutting above apply with the addition of the following:

1. One saw is to be used per team, with one designated operator.

2. Team members may help to roll the billet. If the teammate is assisting with the rolling of the billet, it must be performed in a safe manner.

3. Wedging of the billet must not commence whilst sawing is in progress. Wedging commences when the saw is on the ground and chain brake is on for a one billet race, or when ripping of another billet commences (in a race with 2 or more billets per team).

4. Barring out of posts commences when the hammer is on the ground or when hammering commences on another billet (in a race with 2 or more billets per team). Both team members can help with the barring out of posts.

5. The first team member to raise both hands above their shoulders will signify the end of the race.

a. If the other team member is still working on the billet after this time, the team will be disqualified.

6. If there are two or more billets in the race, the wedging of the 2nd billet can be commenced by the saw operator if the other team member hasn’t finished barring the posts of the preceding billet.

Vertical Disc Stacking

1. The cutter has One (1) minute to cut as many discs as they can off the top of the block. This time may vary depending on the size of the blocks and timber available.

2. Each disc must be cut through cleanly and must be a complete disc. NO back cutting is allowed to separate joined discs.

3. Every disc must remain on the stack to be counted. Discs on the ground will not be counted.

4. Competitors will be disqualified if they touch or support the stack with their hand, body or any part of the saw, except the bar and chain.

5. Knees are allowed to touch the ground for support and balance.

6. As soon as the allotted time is up, the competitor is to stop cutting immediately and stand back from their block to allow for judging.

7. A Timekeeper will count down to stop and each competitor. A person will signal the competitor to stop by tapping them lightly on the shoulder.

8. If two (2) competitors cut the same number of discs, the last cut in the timber will be measured. The block will also be measured and the person with the most timber (measured from the lowest point of the last cut) will win.

9. Left hand cutters are allowed to turn their saw to allow safe and comfortable operation.

Definition of Saw Classes

Supplied Production Saw

Standard saw supplied by a dealer.

Modified Production Saw (This class of saw is to be used for the VS Speeds, Post rips and Vertical Disc Stacking)

As this is a Production Saw class, the pot, piston and crankshaft must come from a production saw of the relevant CC class.

Standard muffler which may be modified.

50% plus of the front plate must be on the muffler.

All external covers must be fitted to the saw as purchased. There should be no aftermarket modifications.

to the covers.

No modified external fittings to be used.

Sprocket covers must be intact at all times.

Log spikes may be removed for racing.

A fully functioning chain brake is to be used on every saw that was manufactured with one.

Internal modifications are allowed as long as the saw isn’t over the CC rating for the particular class.

Unlimited Production Saw (This class of saw is to be used for the Unlimited Speed events)

Same as Modified Production saw with external modifications allowed i.e., pipes, air filters, modifications to plastics etc.


Production Hot Saw

· Must be a production chainsaw.

· 2-piece heads, boost ports, external modifications allowed

Hot Saw

· Machines may have any motor or parts.

· Must have an internal combustion engine.

· May be started with help and an external power source.

· Must be carried to the block and operated by one (1) person only, another person may assist to start the saw.

090 Chainsaws

These saws were manufactured without a working Chain break. These saws are to be switched off when they are not in use (in completion of the speed race or post rip) and placed on the ground.

Event 1:

Ladies Under 100cc, Modified Production NSW Title

Sponsored By: Bakers Welding & Mechanical

1st $400.00, 2nd $300.00, 3rd $200.00, 4th $150.00, 5th $100.00, 6th $50.00

Event 2:

Under 100cc Modified Production

Sponsored By: A Cut Above

1st $120.00, 2nd $80.00, 3rd $60.00, 4th $40.00

Event 3:

090 Stihl Modified Production

Sponsored By: Ray Bulter Memorial

1st $120.00, 2nd $80.00, 3rd $60.00, 4th $40.00

Event 4:

Novice Post Rip Under 100cc event

Sponsored By: BSJ Rural Contracting

1st $120.00, 2nd $80.00, 3rd $60.00, 4th $40.00

Event 5:

Jack & Jill Post Rip NSW Title

Sponsored By: Ozzy Logging

1st $400.00, 2nd $300.00, 3rd $200.00, 4th $150.00, 5th $100.00, 6th $50.00

Event 6:

Open Post Rip NSW Title

Sponsored By: Tenterfield Chainsaws & Mowers

1st $400.00, 2nd $300.00, 3rd $200.00, 4th $150.00, 5th $100.00, 6th $50.00

Event 7:

Under 100cc Post Rip NSW Title

Sponsored By: BTS Sawmilling

1st $400.00, 2nd $300.00, 3rd $200.00, 4th $150.00, 5th $100.00, 6th $50.00

Event 8:

State of Origin Post Rip

Sponsored By: Wizards Butchery

1st $210.00, 2nd $150.00